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Premises Liability Defense

Today’s hospitals consist of multiple-storied buildings located on numerous large parcels of real estate. Due to a hospital’s large physical campus, claims arise in which individuals allege that they have been injured because of a physical condition of the premises which has not been maintained or was inappropriately designed.

Over the years McCann Law has successfully defended its hospital clients in premises liability matters involving allegations of equipment malfunctions, hospital security, maintenance of sidewalks and hallways, and failure to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and parking lots.

In every premises liability case we focus on separating the facts from the allegations by conducting intensive discovery including site inspections, medical record reviews and deposition practice. We strive to understand how the incident occurred and whether any injuries alleged were actually caused by the incident.

Our meticulous review of medical records often discloses that the claims made against our clients involve injuries for which the claimant had previously sought treatment. The discovery of this type of information will often lead to a prompt advantageous resolution or serve as a strong basis upon which to defend the case before arbitration panels and juries.

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