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Professional Liability Defense

McCann Law represents physicians, physician practice groups, nurses, and hospitals, particularly teaching hospitals. In medical malpractice litigation. Since the firm’s inception, we have represented many health care providers in the Philadelphia area. We have also represented physicians insured by commercial insurers. Our attorneys are highly experienced, most of whom have practiced law for over 20 years and several who have been in practice over 30 years.

McCann Law is committed to providing timely and responsive service to our clients. Litigation can be stressful and unpredictable. We understand that to serve our clients property, we need to be accessible. Client phone calls, e-mails and letters are given top priority. Reporting on events is not enough. Our clients need, and we provide, analysis and insight regarding the significance of events that occur throughout the litigation process.

We work in partnership with those we represent. This service starts with providing information needed for prompt, early evaluation of the matter at hand. We detail our proposed case plan as so as we review the records and interview the principal participants. We encourage and seek client in-put in developing case strategy. We recognize the importance of keeping our clients fully apprised of case developments and we are always reassessing our plan in light of new developments. We promptly recommend modifications to the case plan when necessary and work in partnership with our clients to implement our plans. When requested, we provide recommendations regarding resolution options, including trial, mediation, arbitration and settlement.

We believe that successful representation in these cases requires meticulous review of the medical records and studies. Including materials related to the medical care at issue as well as the preceding and subsequent records. This detailed investigation of the medical records, and early interviews with our clients and other medical providers are essential to create a strong knowledgeable foundation for defending each case. We firmly recognize the need for our lawyers to understand the medicine and science of the matters they handle.

Client deposition preparation is an area which we believe is critical to our litigation practice. We will take as much time as we and our client believe is necessary to develop confident, strong testimonial habits and strategy.

At McCann Law, we seek client input regarding the selection of experts. We recognize that retaining the right expert for a given case and for a particular defendant is much more than picking a name from a list. We appreciate that professional training and experience, personality, testimonial experience and style and professional writing must be considered in making that selection.

In addition to our litigation practice, we also provide consultation and pre-claim investigations, seminars, and grand-round presentations in related areas such as medical documentation, informed consent, peer review, development in medical malpractice, and non-consensual treatment.

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